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Do you know Mikura island in Japan?
It is a very small and beautiful island.
And a lot of wild dolphins have lived around there for a long time.
They are really friendly so people can swim with them.
People who love dolphins visit here to see them from April to November every year.
I'm one of the people that love dolphins.
I also love the sea, the nature and any other animals.
I hope to enjoy the wonderful time with you on this island.
Why don't you come here and have a great time with us!!

We always film when we go swimming with
dolphins as much as we can.
This is a sample movie.
Please watch this movie and come to Mikura !!
Dolphin swimming is a great experience.
If you want to swim with wild dolphins, we would offer you a wonderful time with dolphins in the sea !
Mikura island is a secret place...
This island still has a rich natural environment.
Beautiful sea, untouched forest, people have simple lives, and of course wild dolphins...